Listary as a launcher?

Since Listary now has a lightening fast index based search, could it also be used as a launcher (akin to FARR or Launchy)?

Essentially it would have a history of recently launched apps, and could be triggered to appear showing this list.
Perhaps a keyword (in a similar way to the use of “>” to search all folders) that limits the results to exe and lnk files, drawn from limited directories (Start Menu, Desktop, other user specified - such as my apps drive).

What do you think? Is this feature creep?

I’d argue not - since Listary already does these things very well, it is just a recombining of the existing functions for a slightly different purpose.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve thought about this, however, currently there are still some features missing to implement it. I’ll work on this in version 4.1 or 4.2.

Great news - glad to know it is on the roadmap.

Support for Listary as a launcher

Hi, Listary as a launcher needs some changes. For example if I try to launch a roboform passcard the default setting for double click (enter etc) is “go and fill” so if I click the “mail yahoo” passcard, roboform will open the default browser and will go to the yahoo page to login.

When I use directory opus, launchy or Everything search engine to find and launch the "mail yahoo"roboform passcard, the default action (go and fill) is executed.

However if I use listary, the default action (which is login) is not executed, instead the open command is executed, which is the second option at the context menu and its not the default one.


Thank you for the information. I’ll pay attention to it when implement launcher features.


A great first step would be to change the focus to the newly opened application when selecting (launching) applications.

Would this be easy to add?


This should be the default behavior, otherwise it’s a bug. What’s the current focus after opening a new application?


Hmm - yes I would have expected that to be the default but on my machine it isn’t!

OK I’m in Opera now, and I bring up Listary by hitting Win+S, type ccalc which brings CCalc.exe to the top of the list, hit enter, and CCalc application appears, but the focus remains in this Write Comment box of Opera.

Also, a 2nd odd behaviour: invoke Listary, type notepad, and then use the mouse to click the top entry Notepad.exe.

Notepad application appears, but Listary doesn’t close - still on-screen showing results list.

If these are not the correct behaviours, then perhaps I need a clean install?!


Sorry that I can’t reproduce any of these bugs. I’ll look more into them.

If these are not the correct behaviours, then perhaps I need a clean install?!

The bug seems like a conflict. A clean install won’t help here.

Are you using Windows XP or 7?

Win7 x64

Despite your assurance that a reinstall wouldn’t help, I tried it anyway…

And both bugs have disappeared!

Will update you if functionality breaks again.


OK - so you were right afterall! Both bugs have now returned :frowning:

Anything I can do to help track down the issue?


I’m still working on this one. Have no luck yet :frowning: