Listary 6 Development Status as of May 2018

Hi Channing,

Let me think about this for a little while, and I’ll get back to you.

If you’d like a minor suggestion, as an optional feature that can be turned off, you might want to consider putting keyboard shortcut hints in a small rectangular region right below the search bar to help the new user to learn how to use Listary more effectively. This would obviously just be a convenience feature until the user could learn the shortcuts, and then they could disable the hints. Such a feature might be especially helpful when using File Open dialog boxes. Or perhaps hints would appear only if the Alt key were pressed, or something like that.

Another suggestion is that upon initial installation and configuration, Listary should check to see if a custom file manager is installed in the usual path, and if so, automatically configure it as the default file manager, rather than requiring the user to type in the path and “%1” parameter.

You might want to add another default filter:

That way, users can search for an .exe by typing, for example:

Ctr-Ctr exe:iTunes

Let me think about a more substantive answer and I’ll post again soon.



Thanks for your suggestions.

Exactly what I’m thinking. I’ll add tons of built-in tips in the stable release of Listary 6.

Again, a long-planned feature. It’ll also be added in the stable release.

You can simply type .exe something (.exe itunes or itunes .exe in your case). This works in the current version.

Hey Channing,


To be honest, I haven’t really been able to think of anything to add. I really hope that you’ll be able to market Listary ubiquitously and make a lot of money. You deserve it.

Unrelated, I have a question. Is there a way to write you privately?



You can drop me an email at , or send a private message via the forum.

Any update regarding when a beta will be available (and the public roadmap you mentioned) :)?

How is the development going anyway?

We’re very close to a public beta. I’ll post some info soon.


It’s been 20 days since then, any news?

A preview version will be available before 9/15.


Now I am excited!

now I’m glad

you’re not the only one. i just registered here but am checking the forum every second day, even though i’m on vacation. that’s how much i’m excited for the next listary version. never posted anything here but always reading the stuff. i’m pretty sure i’m not the only one.


+1. check this site regular to see if there are updates available.


Same here :slight_smile:

I’ve just created an email list for Listary 6. Subscribe to get updated:


Almost there!


Please continue to update this page as well; I really don’t want to sign up for another email.


We’re all eager to get the beta. Just keep in mind that Channing is just one person doing everything, and getting a new major release out isn’t easy. Let’s be patient and support him in every way possible.



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