Listary 6 Beta 🎉

From what I see, it’s been a while.

@Channing last post was December 21st, 2019, ~3 months ago, in the Chinese language Listary 6 thread: 【我回来了】目前 Listary 6 中最缺哪些功能?

Via Google Translate, he said he was working on fixing some crashes and asked what remaining Listary 5 features should be ported over.

His last login to the forums was January 17th, 2020, two months ago.

Make of all this what you will. I sincerely hope Listary 6 progress continues either under Channing or someone else at Bopsoft.

I hope it is nothing serious but you might be right though

Everything is a much more flexible search than Listary.
Integration with file open/close dialogs is only a few lines of AutoHotkey
and requires no complicated workarounds.

; Default shortcut is Win-A
; Get the handle of the control that contains the current path
SendMessage, 1074, 17

; Get the current path
WinGetText, PathInTC, ahk_id %ErrorLevel%

; Cut off the trailing > and newline signs
StringTrimRight, PathInTC, PathInTC, 3
Send, {Raw}%PathInTC%\


Version 6 is still crashing continuously for me
Did anyone try going back to version 5?

Where can I download Listary 6 beta Portable?
And how do I transfer the settings from version 5 to version 6?

Is Listary 6 Beta stable to try? I really want to have Search Result reorder by folder and I read that it is possible to do so in 6 Beta. But I don’t want to leave a stable 5 for a Beta 6. Sigh, I wish @Channing would get 6 out soon but I am not hopeful.

Ueli seems pretty sleek, and the UI quite nice.
Had never heard of it before, gonna give it a try.

Thanks @matthiashaldimann

Ueli is very limited in what one can do with the results.
Keypirinha is much more flexibel
supports searches using Everything
offers a shell context menu for the results.

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if Channing is not replying “hope he is ok”.

is there anyone who can continue developing LISTARY?
is there an alternative like Listary [very close in features]?

I have found Wox to be better than Ueli, particularly in its integration with Everything. On a computer where Listary doesn’t work, I use Wox and do a Copy Path on a found item to paste the folder location into file dialogs. (

This is the first time m.bielecki has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

This is the first time TakatoshiJ has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

New IDs told a story nobody else had heard. No evidence, no details. Interesting.

I also tested Wox now and I like it.
I have defined the Everything plugins Editor to my Total Commander
and can so jump directly to any files from the results using the context menu.

Wox has very good extensibility. However, I think KeyPirinha beats Wox in every category except for user-friendliness. It is a bit intimidating to set up, but the documentation is very good and after setting everything up, you’ll end up with your own personal launcher that offers a unique experience. Disappointed Listary developement has come to a halt, Listary 6 looked incredibly promising. Probably most upsetting is that it got left off at a point where it was 90% complete but the things left to be completed are very important. User-created extensions is the make or break here. I also can’t bring myself to use Listary 6 due to the lack of visual options, the default and only theme sticks out like a sore thumb on my desktop. If Listary was open-source I feel like we would be a lot farther down the line, seeing how much work has already been done.

In Keypirinha I must always select Everything search
before I can enter my search string.
In WOX I just enter the search string and it uses Everything for files and folders.
Also customizing WOX is much easier than editing Keypirinhas config files.
It is not a benefit for a tool in Windows to force the user to edit config files.

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Hi guys,
Like you all I’ve been using Listary for years & been waiting for Listary 6. v5 works, but it’s buggy (crashes) and the options interface is horrible. I’ve gotten tired of waiting, so I will say goodbye to you all.
With that said I am trying out UELI + Wox + Keypirinha since all of them offer a portable version.

I hope Channing is OK and that the information posted here is false. Channing if you read this, thank you for everything. Best of luck to you all!

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Hai guys, well as far my google translate can go…
Channing is fine and he is just busy.
Hopefully he can find some time to further develop listary 6
Gr, Leon

That’s great. I am a Chinese and I can tell that the translation is basically correct. Let’s wait and keep hope:grinning:

I am Chinese. Channing is OK. He is saving people from COVID-19 with AI products. And the poster named Channing sounds a real person, not an AI.

I hope Listary 6 is still within this year.

I tried Listary, Wox, and Keypiranha, FARR (find and run robot) and none of them match up with Listary unfortunately (sad to say).

I don’t see any advantage of Listary compared to Wox with Everything plugin.