Listary 5: Questions and wishes

  1. Exactly which words are admitted for Actionsand what actually does? I mean some like {action_path} and others maybe, there’s no documentation available for this.
  2. Could you please consider add a keyword that refers to a plain text file that contains the full filename of the current search (that is, a list of full files for the current search), so it will be easy as hell do other stuff in third party apps (like export to a collection ini DOpus). CSV export is lame.
  3. Multiple selection of items perhaps?
  4. Dynamic buttons in Listary. I want to add a button in Favorites for all the available disks on my computer. The configuration (what disks hide or show) can be exactly as DOpus dynamic button for disks.
  1. More tips for all available variables will come soon.
  2. Exporting search results is on my to-do. Unfortunately it cannot be implemented as a keyword because search results will change if you type a keyword.
  3. A lot of changes have to be made to support multi-selection. I’ll consider it after Listary 5.
  4. I’ll check dynamic buttons in DOpus.

Thanks Channing, your customer support is about greatness.
2. No, I mean something like {action_path}, like {file_list} or similar, so when using in Actions, we can refer to the current search if available, if there’s no search then could be some like the first 300 items.

Got it.