Listary 5 Beta (5.00.2334)

bug report
Reviewing listary log file I noticed this occurring as I was working. Thought I’d report in case something relevant to your work on the beta version.

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! I’m confident that the planned new features of Listary would make huge improvements to result sorting in the examples you gave.

Just fixed this one. Now user defined keywords are on top.

Thanks for reporting. Some very minor issues. You can ignore them safely.

There are some bugs with exclusion filters (I think this also happens with the latest version 4). Check out the attached images… does it make sense that the excluded path and jpg should not be showing up? It looks like maybe the exclusion filters work for the files, but not the path.

The bottom result should be excluded:

It’s also interesting that a file shows up in the path search:

Go to Listary Options - History, and click Clean History. It should be OK after that.

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Thank you so much! That worked.

I have a request. The Index: Exclude Drive or Folder feature uses the Browse for Folder dialog, which is appropriate, but it is also annoying to have to navigate to a deeply buried directory. I would like to be able to paste a path from the clipboard (perhaps by hitting F2 or clicking on existing entries).

Thank you!

Sure, there will be tweaks for that.

Listary still breaks search in the services MMC snap-in (services.msc). Any workarounds?

Which version are you using? 5.00.2328 works well here.

Upgraded from 2320 to 2328 and now it’s working. Great! Been waiting for this feature for a long time :slight_smile:

It’ll be extremely valuable when it would be possible to allow the mouse wheel to scroll through the directory folders: For now it only seems possible to click on the little arrows at the edges of the directory listing to scroll through (long) directories:

Or am I doing sth. wrong?

Thanks for your suggestion. Just added to my to-do list.

HI Channing. I see Listary 5 has been released but I don’t see the feature to export your Menu favourites. I know you did mention in November 2015 that it would be available soon. Is this something you’re still considering? Thank you for a great program.

Hi, this feature will be added, but it hasn’t been completed yet.

1 - I’d suggest a trello board for this beta testing. This huge conversation chain is really difficult to sort through. Trello will let you have “votes” on cards as people “agree” on an issue and keep separate dialogue.
2- Any possibility to create a beta update channel so the “check for updates” will automatically allow us to update our install without the manual install being done each time? Not sure how this is built, but it would be nice.

I love the tool, but it’s really hard to finish a blog review recommending with the communication being so difficult at time to sort through and figure out what’s going on with suggestions/fixes.

You have a great product and brilliant ideas, so I’m just throwing this out there as a big fan. Just think better tool like Trello with more communication to Beta testers might benefit the improvements underway. Keep up the great work!

A good example of the benefits of this are in the ghost roadmap for example.

thanks Channing

Thank you very much for your suggestions!

  1. I’ll work on that.
  2. Currently the major problem is that a reboot is required most of the time when you update Listary, which will make auto-update far less useful. Once this problem has been resolved, auto-update will be available to both beta testers and general users.

@Channing Is this implemented? It doesnt seem to work for me!