Let users disable mouse hotkeys

Hi there - been a fan of Listary for a couple years now :smile:

I just updated to the latest version (I was on version 3!), and I’m finding that the mouse shortcuts are getting in the way of another application I use (QT Tab Bar).

So my feature request is for a section in the “Hotkeys” option menu to enable/disable the mouse double click and middle click behaviour. Pretty please?

PS: Your forums are really nice :open_mouth:

The current version already support it (it’s hard to find though).

Open Listary Options - By Window Type, select application from the left list (it should be Windows Explorer here), and then uncheck “Mouse double-click…” & “Mouse middle-click…”, click OK.

Ah, beautiful! Thank you, that’s actually a better solution, since QT Tab Bar doesn’t activate in all the places Listary does.