iTunes controls, e.g., next song?

Can I use listary to control iTunes, e.g., play next song, play/pause, etc?

You may make an action for this but you need a VBScript or PowerShell script.
as there are no iTunes Windows command line switches.

But what would be the benefit using Listary for doing such actions in any player ?

Thanks horst! E.g., the benefit is similar to the media controls available in some keyboards, so that I can control music without having to switch to iTunes. Alfred on macOS has good iTunes controls, and I miss that on Windows.

$itunes = New-Object -ComObject iTunes.Application

Hope that I got it right

And it may be easier to simulate the media keys I think, which would work in any player.

For posterity, here’s the script to send media key “Next Track”.

$wshShell = new-object -com