It does not work with MS Visual Studio 2010

You cannot browse files or save files with OpenFileDialog or SaveFileDialog components in debug mode (during testing code). It throws unhandle exception in svchost.exe process. It still throws even after uninstalling Listary app and restarting windows. Please help! I do not want to reinstall system. Bojan.


Listary doesn’t run as a service or driver. If you uninstall the app and restart Windows, it won’t start at all. It’s impossible for it to still cause any exceptions.

(If you’re using Windows Vista/7 and have UAC on, svchost.exe is running as a system process which is absolutely untouchable by Listary.)

Could you please share a piece of your code using OpenFileDialog or SaveFileDialog?

Here you have link to screencast: It shows exactly what is happening.

I tested it on two computers. For me it also seems almost imposible that listary interfere with Visual Studio. Please test it on your own.

Mayby I should delete some registry entries manually? Which ones?



Sorry that I can’t reproduce the bug following your video :frowning:

Mayby I should delete some registry entries manually? Which ones?
The only entry Listary adds to registry is adding itself to system startup (HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run). I don't think this has anything to do with the crash.

I did a little search on vshost32.exe crash and found the following solution:
Check the box in Properties → Debug → Enable unmanaged code debugging
You can give it a try.

Thanks for the tip. I have found that error occured because of overlay icons provided by Wuala soft. If Wuala is working everything is ok but if it is down I have got error. After installing Listary on both tested computers there where need to restart computer. My Wuala is set not to start automatically after restart so then there were problem that I connected with Listary. Sorry for that. Regards, M.

Never mind, glad you’ve solved the problem :smiley: