Is there a quick way to open the folder which the highlighted item locates in?

Hi Channing,

for example, I want to open the folder “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” to edit the file “Services”, but I forget the folder name and the file name, I just remember the files “Services” and “hosts” are in the same folder, so, I type “hosts” in Listary, then I can jump to the folder “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” through Actions.

But the Action menu need several steps. If we can use a hotkey, say “CTRL + ENTER” (or use mouse right click), open the folder directly, it will be more convenient.

Further, I hope other Actions can also support hotkey instead of the Action Menu, for example, we can use “CTRL+C” to copy the highlighted item, or “CTRL+M” to move the file to current folder, and so on.

A similar feature will be added in the next version.

Awesome! Thank you!

I didn’t see anything about this in “what’s new”, can you tell me how to open the folder by hotkey instead of actions?

Sorry that this feature hasn’t been added yet due to a hotkey conflict (Ctrl+Enter is handled by Explorer directly. Listary can’t get any notification). I’ll work on this again soon.