Incompatible with Chrome?


I use Listary on Windows 10 with Chrome as my preferred Web Browser.
Recently I’ve been having problems with Chrome using very high amounts of CPU.
After a recent crash, Chrome told me that Listary v5 can prevent Chrome from working properly.
Is anyone aware of this? Is there a fix please?
Bob W


The warning from Chrome is very inaccurate and misleading. Whenever Chrome crashes for whatever reasons, it shows that warning which lists all the apps interacting with it, even though they are not the cause of the crash.

You can do a simple test. Just run Chrome, kill it using Task Manager, and then you’ll get the warning message again. In this case, the crash is caused by killing the process, but Chrome still lists Listary along with all other apps that need to interact with it.

I’ll update Listary to remove the warning (in most cases). It won’t stop the crash though because it’s not caused by Listary.