How to use Quick Switch in Listary 5?

Listary Pro 5.00.2410
Windows 10 x64

In old version (Listary 4?), Quick Switch is working smoothly to me.
For example:

  1. I have an open file dialog, browsing C:\A
  2. I open a file explorer and go to C:\B
  3. Then, switch to the open file dialog, and it automatically goes to C:\B.

However under Listary 5, it doesn’t work as before.
Still take the same scenario as example.
In step 3, after I switch back to the open file dialog, it’s still browsing C:\A, not C:\B as I want.

I confirmed Options - General - Quick Switch (Open current folder in file dialog when switch from a file manager) is toggled on. I tried turning it off and on again but that doesn’t help.
Is there any change to use Quick Switch since version 5?


No changes have been made to Quick Switch.

  1. What is your file manager?
  2. Is Listary search bar available on the file dialog? Can you use Listary to search and open a folder in the file dialog?

I did some research and it appears to be a bug caused by upgrading.

I was upgrading from Listary 4 without uninstalling.
This time, I uninstalled Listary 5, rebooted, deleted all Listary related files from Program Files folder, and then reinstalled Listary 5. It’s working now. Everything looks smooth.

By the way, the tray icon cannot be found if directly upgraded from 4, though Listary is running. After reinstalling it came visible. I confirmed this bug on another machine.

Thanks. This could be closed.

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