How to open simple folder instead of tree explorer?

In XP, when asking Listary to open a folder window, I get the Windows Explorer two-pane view, with the folder hierarchy on the left and the files on the right.

But, I want the more lightweight Explorer view, which just has files.

Is there a way to configure Listary to open a basic folder view instead of the version with the navigation pane?

Thank you!

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Unfortunately there isn’t a setting for this now. I may add this when the “Advanced Settings” section becomes available in Listary.

Thanks for your response. That’s too bad.

A related request: When you select a file and use “Open folder,” it opens the folder that contains that file…but it doesn’t then select the file within that new folder window. Which means you first have to get to the file within that window.

I.e. If you call explorer.exe /select, “\path\to\file.txt”, you’d not only open a window for the “\path\to” folder, but “file.txt” would be pre-selected. This would be really useful, and is akin to what one expects from other “open folder” options in other applications.

(For example, in Firefox, after downloading a file, if you right click and “Open containing folder,” you get a window with that folder, and you’re already pre-selecting the target file within that window.)

Thank you!

Sorry, I should have said: “Advanced Settings” section on the way? Sounds fantastic!