How to integrate Listary into other programs in v4?

OS: Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit
Listary version: 4.00.1141

As described to me by Channing via email, the ability to add other programs in which Listary would function, has been removed in the latest v4 beta. But the one very useful function that I sure hope I’d still be able to do is the “go as you type”. In version 3, whenever I use a program that features a “list” (e.g.: uTorrent, ShellExView) I add these to Listary just for the “go as you type” function. It doesn’t always work with every 3rd party program, I admit, but when it does it is a godsend. I would like to be able to do this still in v4. Problem is, I don’t know how. Any ideas?

In fact you don’t need to do anything to let Listary support programs like uTorrent and ShellExView. The same is also true for version 3, i.e. Listary will work in uTorrent and ShellExView even if you don’t add them manually.

So the ability to add a program to Listary manually has been removed in Listary 4, but you won’t lose any feature :slight_smile:

Hi Channing.
Yes, Listary is smart enough to automatically add itself to third party programs. However, there are programs wherein I have to force to integrate with Listary (e.g. Default Programs Editor, Process Hacker). They have faulty search function but I really want the ease that Listary’s “go as you type” feature. Is it possible to force Listary to work on them?

Unfortunately, no. Listary works on all the programs it supports by default. If Listary doesn’t work on one program, then Listary can’t support it. There is no way to add support manually (in both v3 and v4).

Aw. I see. Glad it’s been cleared out.