How to block Listary search within Evernote

When I want to tag a keyword(s) to a note within Evernote’s desktop app, Evernote’s native search box pops up so I can select from existing keywords, or add new ones. When Listary runs, it takes over the Evernote’s “Tag Note…” function, but of course it doesn’t have access to Evernote’s tagging function, so it basically blocks my ability to assign tags to my notes. The only recourse is to close Listary. Since I use both Evernote and Listary frequently, that’s not a viable solution.

How can I exclude the Evernote app from Listary search?

When Listary toolbar shows up, click the command menu (the third button, thunder icon), then select “Disable Listary for This Application”. Restart Listary or Evernote and everything would be fine.

Perfect… and easy. Thank you!