Hotkey for going into App Launcher directly? Some Suggestions

Hi there,

really LOVE the fact that Listary is going to have an App Launching capability.

Just some things that are missing for me right now:

  • Most important: Having a seperate Hotkey that starts in the AppLaunching Mode directly.
  • It would be great if you could have a list of apps that supports startup options, etc. like it is the case with Launchy, Executor, FARR
  • Prioritsing App Folders -could- be useful. But this isn’t as important as the other 2 points to me.
  • This feature should be oficially documented, had a hard time to get information about it

Great Work you’re doing!

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Thanks for your suggestions!

  • There will be a hotkey dedicated to Launch Apps in the next version.
  • Do you mean something like app_name -command_line_options in the search box directly?
  • In the current version .exe & .lnk files have priority over other files.
  • Definitely!

Thanks for your reply! Glad to hear this features coming!

About the second point: No, I was thinking about the possibility to maintain an own list of applications and actions to launch. Like in this image.


Check Listary Options - Commands.

Hotkey dedicated to Launch Apps seems to not be available anymore in 5 beta.

Listary 5 defaults to the launcher mode when you activate it using a hotkey.

Does not work from Windows Explorer. I have to deactivate/minimize/close it first.

Press the hotkey or Ctrl x 2 again to switch to launcher mode in Explorer. In the next version you can do this with a single Ctrl press, and then you’ll always be able to open the launcher directly by pressing Ctrl 3 times in a row.

Ctrl x 3 is great, but I would still like to have the option to use other hotkey to open the launcher directly.

+1, i like to be able to set a hotkey myself for the launcher feature.

If you guys really need it, I can bring it back in the next version.

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