Hidden indexing feature

Hi, I have some folders with sensitive files, i’d like to be able to prevent them and their contents from appearing when using Listary outside said folders, but still retain full functionality when i’m browsing inside. Surely this is doable?

In the current version you can remove certain folders from index in Listary Options - Index. After doing that, you can still search a folder when browsing inside even if it has been removed from index, but you’ll not be able to search subfolders inside that folder.

My Documents
|-- 1.jpg
|-- 2.jpg
+-- Subfolder

Consider the folder tree above. You’re browsing My Documents which you’ve already excluded from index. If you type .jpg now you’ll get 1.jpg and 2.jpg but not 3.jpg.

Oh, is that so? That helps somewhat. Is it possible to add another indexing option that would show 3.jpg as per your example? I think this would also be useful for system folders like AppData, it would help reduce clutter in the results list during everyday use, but still allow for quick searching for the odd occasion that you need to do something inside.

PS. I have been using Listary for 2 days, and I cannot use Windows without it now. I want to buy Pro as soon as Listary 5 comes out. Do you have a release timeframe?

I’ll consider your suggestion. In the next version Listar will automatically give lower search priority to some system folders like AppData you mentioned. You’ll always be able to search these folders, but normally the related search results will appear at the bottom of the list.

Currently there is no ETA for Listary 5. Note that Listary offers life-time updates for free for all future versions, so there is no difference between buying Listary Pro now and buying it after the release of Listary 5.