Fuzzy matching


Listary is smart enough to select the folder “program files 86” when typing “pro fi 8”.

This was just an example. When there is many similar named folders typing with spaces is not that practical. For this reason I want to request “Fuzzy matching” which will select the mentioned folder when typing “profi8”. Fuzzy matching is very smart when trying to match segments or portions.

Mmm not sure how to remove the “solved” tags, but it doesn’t matter.

Thanks for the suggestion! This is really a good idea.

I’m planning to let Listary use the “Fuzzy matching” you described by default, but if you type a space, Listary will switch back to the original keywords matching. In this way you can take advantage of both search methods. What do you think?

Fuzzy matching is a must, and your proposed way of working is fine too!

Your proposed way looks good too!