Folder names with Spaces suddenly won't work

May 15, 2015

I have lots of files and folders with spaces in their names. Suddenly folders stopped working. If you double-click and choose a favorite folder with a space in it, it tries to open a folder with the first word of the folder name. A file with a space works fine. I vaguely remember reading something in Opus or somewhere about not using spaces, but I have been doing that with Listary for well more than a year and, until today, it has worked fine.

Example: "Folder name with spaces"
Opens as C:\Users\Terry\Folder

Windows 8.1 using Directory Opus 11.13 x64 build 5564
Listary 4.23.1728

Did you make any changes to the “Default File Manager” setting in Listary Options - General?

Yes. I put in the following:
Path: C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\x86\dopus.exe
Parameter: %1

Based in your inference I removed the above and it works fine again. Elsewhere in the documentation it says I need to do that. Apparently not required anymore?

It’s not necessary if you only use Listary within DOpus. Otherwise please change parameter from %1 to "%1" (with quotes).