Filename issues when saving w/Windows Explorer :(

I save lots of pictures, and like to use Listary to jump from folder to folder, keeps things organized. However I find that Listary interferes with Windows Explorer during saves. After right-clicking an image, and ‘save image as’, a dialog box appears (pretend its a folder full of images). Moving to a different directory and saving a new (image) file will use a filename from the menu/folder that was initially opened.

e.g. If I save a new image into a folder titled “Birds” (assuming there is an image in this folder titled ‘Budgie_094.jpg’), redirecting to a different folder using Listary to save another image into “Cats” will cause this file to be saved by Windows Explorer as ‘Budgie_094.jpg’. This happens when saving a file of the same extension (jpg to jpg, png to png), but does not interfere when saving a different one (jpg to png, png to jpg).

Thanks for your feedback. This bug will be fixed in the next version.

Please give the new version a try:

Can the new version be installed on top of the old one, or must be the old one be uninstalled first?

Just install the new version.

Grazie, keep up the good work!

Hi Channing,
I am having this same problem very frequently with version 4.21.1607 (Windows 7 64 bit).

I’m working on a fix now.

I forgot to post an update here. This issue should have been resolved in the latest version: