File size and date

When I am searching for files with listary I sometimes get hundreds of results. Sometimes I have several files with very similar names. Having the file size and date would help me identify the file that I am looking for.

I don’t know if this will be a feature of Listary 5 but it would be very useful to have.

Currently I still find that searching for files with Everything by voidtools is still better than Listary because you get a big interface with full information about the files.

Compare the two screenshots

Searching for “c .avi” on listarty shows filenames and paths:

Seaching for “c .avi” on everything show much more file details, including date and size:

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Thanks for the suggestion. Listary keeps a minimalist interface to make the most common search tasks easier and faster. In this case, it doesn’t have enough space to show some extra elements like file size and date.

What about some optionaly file-info tooltip on selected item? Or something like status-bar with static position with info about selected item? I would like something like thumbnail tooltip on selected picture item.

And what about something like custom color filters. Blue color names for files that match the predefined filter. E.g. If will have blue for *.psd and I will type “webdesign” then i will have results: “webdesign.jpg” (black color) “webdesign.psd (blue color)”

Another posibility… add color to projects. If I write “webdesign” and I will have three projects with three files “webdesign.psd” I can easy see difference.

Or I would like to make all the files on a path were red because they are important. And in another folder I have developmental beta files with identical names.But I can not happen to me, that those files mixed up.

My favorite rule for coloring files is that everything that has changed the last 24 hours is red. So when I save files to the folder where the 30 other files, later I know in one second which opened for editing. Or upload to the web.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

File info panel is already on my to-do. Color filter is also a great idea, I’ll dig into the possibilities.

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Recommendations concerning coloring. I prefer the background coloring + text coloring. The text itself has small area/volume of pixels and the eye can distinguish fewer colors. In addition, there is need for vivid colors. Colors in background can be also less saturated. The background color is also easier to scan. Another possibility is a vertical color stripe on left side.

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Thanks. I prefer color stripes which can be easily recognized, but less distracting.

As long as the colors and elements are customization I think that it would give users the ability to modify the interface as they like. For one user, distracting strong background colors might be important because they often have to deal with recently changed files or files of a certain type, while for other users, a more subtle coloring with stripes or symbols might be enough, while other users might prefer not colors at all.

I think that in this regard, the more flexibility there is the more powerful and useful the results file list would be.