Few suggestions: option to search only under current path, dedicate hotkey for launching apps

I love Listary instantly after few minutes of using and then I bought the pro version.

Some suggestions that I think will improve the program dramatically:

  • Hotkey to switch to search only for files and folder under the current viewing path. This is very huge. Since I already know that the files I want must be inside a folder so I tend to go to that folder and start searching.

  • Dedicate hotkey for launching apps would be great.

  • Ability to specify extension in the search path: like “…exe” should only find exe files

  • Hotkey for every functionalities ! Awesome for keyboard geeks like me.

This program instantly becomes a essential part of my usage.
Love it! Keep it going!


我也是喜欢上了,还用一段时间破解 版的,后来就买了正版的了。

Thanks for your suggestions!

Files and folders in the current folder are always shown on top of the result list.

I’m working on this one. It’ll be available very soon.

In the current version if you type .exe Listary should show only exe files. You can also check search filters in the latest beta.

Could you please be more specific and give a few examples?

Since I have a lot of duplicate files but they are in separate paths, I really want to have the option to search only in this viewing folder and all the subfolders inside this view.
For example, I have 10 xml having the same name in 10 branches. I goto a branch and search for that file but Listary shows also in other branch. This could be very useful.

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Sorry that I’m a little confused here. Assume you have a lot of abc.txt on your disk. You want to find the one in E:\Documents, and you have already switched to this folder.

With the current version of Listary, you need to:

  1. Type abc.txt.
  2. Press Enter. Because abc.txt in the current folder is the top one, you can open it directly.

If Listary has a hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+C for example) to allow you to search only within the current folder, you need to:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+C.
  2. Type abc.txt.
  3. Press Enter.

So adding such a hotkey would actually take you more time?

Hi Channing,

Let’s take a look at this scenario.
I have a lot of abc.txt. I want to find the abc.txt inside E:\Documents\secrets\more folders\long long way\abc.txt. But these abc.txt are all over the places, inside E:\Pictures, E:\Books … So I just remember that there is a abc.txt inside E:\Documents. So I go to E:\Documents in Explorer and initiate the search. But unfortunately, the abc.txt from Pictures and Books are also shown up and are in some arbitrary order inside the search result list. So I need to iterate and see which one is actually inside E:\Documents instead of what I should do is just look at first result.

Thanks for your concern.

Hi icyrainz,

I understand what you mean. In most cases, E:\Documents\secrets\more folders\long long way\abc.txt should also be the top one even if you’re just in E:\Documents. Please give it a try.

Hotkey for launching just apps is greatly needed. This is because I don’t open listary absent mindedly “should I open file, or should I open app”, I open it either to open a file or an app. So each one should have own command so that the suggestions can be kept succint and files does not pollute my app launching scenario.

You can set a hotkey for launching apps in Listary Options - Hotkeys.

Ah, yes appears to be I’ve already set it to launch apps. (I had actually used AutoHotkey to remap Win+R to launch listary in “Launch apps” hotkey)

Bumping this 4-6 year old thread because for some reason this feature was never added. Listary, in fact, does not search and show results for the current directory first. In fact, it just searches and lists results randomly from all 7 of my drives, in no real particular order. We still need a hotkey for searching the current directory ONLY, barring ALL RESULTS from anything but the current folder and sub-folders.

Unfortunately, Windows search is so useless, It can’t find every file in a specific directory using the keyword “Default”, and trying to search the word “Default” with Listary brings up too many results for it to display, as it won’t show results for the folder I’m currently in. I’m resorting instead to using the software called “Everything” to accomplish finding anything with the word “Default” in the name in this directory I’m in, as it contains way too many folders for me to browse manually, and Windows search won’t work, and “Default” is too broad of a term for Listary to handle because it lacks this feature. I highly suggest that program in this specific instance.

" If Listary has a hotkey ( Ctrl+Alt+C for example) to allow you to search only within the current folder, you need to:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+C .
  2. Type abc.txt .
  3. Press Enter .

So adding such a hotkey would actually take you more time?"

I already have to Double tap CTRL or use my other hotkey combo to conjure Listary, the amount of brain and motor movement operation required to hit 1 additional key on my keyboard would amount to a fraction of a second, and would beat me having to open a completely different program to initiate a manually specified search to accomplish a task that Listary should easily be able to handle.

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