Feature Request: Search text/content inside PDF/DOCX/PPTX files and general text files

Anyone else thinks this would be good to have? If it’s already there, I have not found how to activate this feature. To avoid cluttering search results for everyone else that does not want this, maybe a special hotkey or keyword would make listary search inside files, e.g. “content: text to look inside”, adding the “>” operator to look in all the filesystem.



Content search requires indexing (and keeping track of) all these files on your computer. It’s very complex to implement and it is not what Listary is designed for. Sorry that I won’t add this :frowning:

I completely understand, an it certainly would be very complex. Thanks for considering, and for your reply.

Quick question: Do you think (or know) if there is a way of using Windows own search feature, which indexes context, as a service that you can call on from Listary? If that is the case, it would be just a matter of integration into Listary’s minimalistic UI, which is one of its most attractive features. Windows search’s UI, on the other hand, is terrible…

I know that “just a matter of integration” means really a lot of work, so I am not overlooking all the effort, just that, conceptually, it would be integration, rather than developing indexing features from scratch.

Again, thanks for your reply, and for the good work you are doing with Listary. It certainly makes me more efficient on my PC.


I remember Microsoft does provide some interfaces for external applications to use Windows Search. I think it’s possible to integrate it into Listary.

But before that, I need to make some modifications to the UI. The current one is too small to display full text search results.

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Hi Sorry to bump such an old thread but was hoping that by now you are making some progress with this… the ability to use the windows index with listary for searching file contents would be great… especially if activated with keyword i.e. - " contents:filecontents "

I’m glad to tell you that you’ll be able to use Windows Search via Listary soon.


Hello, any news on this? I’d love to see this feature - to be able to search within documents.

Thank you Channing!

Hi, I’m working on Listary 6 at the moment. This feature will be added after v6 becomes stable.


Is there any update on this feature please?

Windows 10 changes its search function quite a lot during its yearly updates. I’ll have to revisit this feature.

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Thank you, in my opinion this is the only feature missing to an otherwise fantastic program.

If Listary could also present Windows Search results, that would be awesome
especially because of searching in files. Searching within documents is actually the only reason I still have to use the Windows Start menu, but I prefer to do it all from Listary

This is on my to-do list. But Microsoft changes Windows Search quite a lot in the recent Windows 10 updates, I need to redo some research.


Any news to that?