Feature request: Print/type path at cursor

I’d like to request a new feature, so I can use Listary at the command prompt. When a directory is selected via Listary, it would be nice to have that path printed to the console (as if I typed it…without having to copy it and then manually paste it). I’ve tried a Windows batch file that simply ECHO %1, but it launches a new console window, and I’m not sure how to get around this.

Thanks for a great program.

Thank you for the suggestion. It’s a little complex here as there is no robust and safe way to print text to another application (especially the console). All Listary can do would be simulating keyboard presses which may trigger some hotkeys and menus unexpectedly in the target application if the keyboard input focus changes or the path contains some special characters.

A workaround of the problem you described could be adding a hotkey for copying the path of a selected search result to clipboard directly. I think this would be more useful in general. I’ve added it to my to-do.

I look forward to the new version then. It would be a huge improvement to be able to do the most common things faster, without having to press the right arrow, and then typing “cpc” for example, to copy the path to the clipboard. That’s the thing I do most.

It would be more useful still if there could be application-specific key-commands for this purpose, as “most common” at the command prompt/console is very different than “most common” in windows explorer (or XYplorer as I use) or in other applications.


How about a “Paste path at cursor” item, then? It would

  1. Save the current clipboard
  2. Copy the selected path
  3. Paste the path
  4. Restore the clipboard

That would be perfect! And hopefully not too difficult to implement.


There is no standard way to paste in another application either. Even Ctrl+V doesn’t work in command prompt :frowning:

It does in my command prompt: TCC/LE

The larger request, I guess, is the ability to make custom commands, called externally or created directly in Listary, and ideally on a per-app basis. For me, a big one would be copy-paste-restore in TCC/LE.

I hope the plugins feature in the new version will make this possible. Can you give any clue to when it might be released?

Thanks for listening!

It seems that two more new features are necessary to get this done:

  1. Custom actions.
  2. Custom hotkeys for actions.

Then you can write a simple AutoHotkey script to take the path as a parameter, copy it to clipboard, simulate Ctrl+V, and then restore clipboard.

These 2 features are on my to-do and should be available in the final version of Listary 5. Unfortunately they won’t be shipped with the first few beta versions.

The first beta version is planned to be released within 2 weeks. It will only contain some of the new major features.

That’s exciting! If you need any beta testers, count me in! :smiley: