Feature request: fully customize listary

I am using launchy for 2 years and it’s great in customization, unfortunately has been discontinued.
for example:

  • I create my theme with background image and …
  • I use alt+space for run it
  • I create my plugin
    My Customization Figure 01

My Customization Figure 02

But Since that did not develop there was not updated and no new features!
Luckily today I met Listary(5) and it’s awesome but I wish I had more customization like:

  • create my own theme
  • use any shortcut key or only one key and ability of all shortcut key change(for example I want use tab instead of right arrow key or ctrl + o)
  • set extensions for each search folder in Launch App
  • new shortcut key for open command with selected files in explorer
  • In Toolbar Position separate relative to and position (for example I checked relative to monitor and then I can checked Center or Top)

Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. You can change/create theme in Listary Options - Appearance.
  2. I’ve noted this request.
  3. Sorry currently there is no plan to implement this.
  4. Sorry that I don’t quite get this one, could you please provide more details?
  5. When you activate Listary as a launcher, you can drag the left border to change its position.