Feature request: Force rebuild index progress indicator

v 4.02.1355

It would be nice if there were some sort of progress indicator when clicking the Force Rebuild Index button. Currently, nothing (apparently) happens and there is no way to know if the action has been performed or not.



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Sorry that the rebuilding process happens in background, it’s hard to implement an indicator.

How about some sort of indicator to show that at least something is happening with a message at the end of the process? I find clicking a button with no indication of anything happening unnerving.



Maybe I can add some balloon tips.

P.S. This button is supposed to be hardly used.

Okay no worries , it was just a thought. Many thanks for the goodness that you put into Listary.



Hello, I really need some building index status indicator too… The search results are inaccurate and I dont have any information about the progress of building or rebuilding index…

Index is updated in real time so there is no progress. When something goes wrong, you can click Force Rebuild Index in Options - Index.

I meant progress bar status for update network drives and for forced rebuild index of local drives. Is it possible somehow to display the progress bar/status?

There will at least be some notifications (e.g. “Building index”, “Finish building index”) in the next version.

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It would be great to have a notification of the progress of index building process.

There would be a completion notification, but no detailed percentage progress.

That should be better than nothing. It is kind of strange to press a button and get no response :slight_smile: