Favorites menu - feature request

I use a structure like that:
Current &User (submenu)

So after pressing the hotkey to show my favorites, I hit “u” to go into the current user submenu and from there I’d like to select any of these entries with a few letters.
But if I type “dow” to select the “Downloads” entry, Listary will automatically switch to “Dokumente” after the first two letters “do” were typed.

Can you enable fuzzy search in these entries as well (e.g. typing “dw” would select “Downloads” because it’s the only word that contains these two characters) and / or can you allow us to type more than two characters to allow the correct selection of entries that match on the two first characters?

Sorry that this is way too complex for a menu. Please consider using find-as-you-type to get to your favorite folder. I’ll also optimize favorite folder search results.