Fail to inject .exe files on a partition mounted into another driver

I met a strange problem of failing to inject into some unspecified processes, and after hard working I’ve found the reason: those processes’ file paths are quite special.

I’m explaining what I did to my computer caused the probelm;

  • Says there’re 3 drivers: 40GB/NTFS, 60GB/NTFS, 100GB/NTFS.
  • Then I use Disk Management of Windows to manage their mounting strategy.
    • Step 1, assign the driver letter “C” to the first partition (the 40G one);
    • Step 2, assign the driver letter “D” to the third 100G one;
    • Step 3, mount the second 60G one into a path of D:\Program Files;
    • Step 4 (optionally), assign the driver letter “E” to the 60G one (here NOT delete the D:\Program Files mount point).

And then, Listary works perfectly EXCEPT on those files under D:\Program Files.

  • if I copy D:\Program Files\7-Zip to C:\7-Zip, then Listary works on C:\7-Zip\7zFM.exe
  • if step 4 has been done, Listary works well on E:\7-Zip\7zFM.exe

That’s all I’ve done and this problem affects both x32 and x64 executable files, so I consider it as a bug.

Thanks for your feedback. I’m working on a fix for this bug now.

fixed in 5.00.2320