Double click not available in Directory Opus?


I’ve made a system reinstall (Windows 8.1 Pro x64) and installed as usual Directory Opus ( x64) and Listary (tried both latest stable build 1360 and beta 1429).

I used to use a double-click to activate Listary (I use Direct Folders as well but disabled this shortcut there) but now I see this option has been greyed out… The middle-click works perfectly but I really hate using that shortcut.

Is it some restriction/limitation in Listary itself or is it a case of my configuration?

When used Windows 8 Pro x64 with Directory Opus (and earlier builds) with Listary 1355 it worked fine.


Double-click in DOpus is not officially supported in the current version. I’ll test it, and if there is no conflict it will be enabled in the next version.

Thank you for the answer. Oh, that would be excellent to have it back!

I do hope, there’s no conflict in this application and it will be possible to use double-click to bring Listary up.

I finally remembered why I disabled it in the first place: there is no way to distinguish whether the user double clicks over a file or in the empty area in DOpus. Though it’s a very simple task for us humans, programs can’t do it. Sorry I can’t enable this feature for now.

A new DOpus beta announcing version 11 has been recently published. Hopefully this will result in restoring the ability to fully utilize Listary functions in DOpus!