Does Listary 4 beta support CIFS/SAMBA shares?

I apologize if this has been asked and answered. I searched the discussions first and could not find it.

I have a couple of CIFS/SAMBA shares mounted on my XP SP3 machine (mapped network drive).
But it seems to me that Listary isn’t indexing their contents.

Is this correct? Is there a plan to add support for that?

Sorry that disk search (subfolder and drive search) can’t support them, but find-as-you-type should work well.

Channing, do you intent to add support for that?

Unfortunately this is not possible :frowning: Samba doesn’t provide a fast enough way for Listary to get all filenames.

(after googling a bit for more info) sigh hope dashed.
Btw, seems like it just might be doable using Everything when the SAMBA server is a windows machine, according to this:

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help in my case as I’m sharing my stuff from a *nix NAS, but I hope others might find this useful. Hack, you might even consider adding support for something like this as a pro feature.