Disable Find As You Type until Show Toolbar Hotkey

Great product! Registered PRO user.

I would much prefer that the Find-As-You-Type window NOT come up unless I specifically ask for it, by using the Show Toolbar Hotkey, or some other keyboard operation. (i.e. That simply typing into the list does NOT bring up the toolbar automatically).

Is it possible to configure this with the current version (3.50)? Or added as an option in 4.0?

Hello Hornblower409,

This option will be available in version 4.

I am looking forward to this. I have removed Listary Pro because of the find-as-you-type pop-up window, because it interferes with the way I use Explorer. Can we have it sooner than version 4, please?

Can we have it sooner than version 4, please?
Sorry, but version 4 will be released within this month, I have no plan to release another 3.x version.

Like others, I too would like the “List-as-you-type” made optional, even though I read this is fundamental to the original concept of Listary.

I find Listary to be the best of its class for its Recent and Favorites features, which is my primary purpose for using it. My problem with “List-as-you-type” is that it does not permit me to jump straight to the first file beginning with a particular letter combination.

Before Listary, if I wanted to find all files in a folder beginning with “st”, I only needed to type “st” into Explorer and it would stop at the first file beginning with this combination. “List-as-you-type” does not only display unnecessarily long and detailed lists (all files containing “st” in their names), but also, most irritatingly, if I select a file, Listary OPENS it, which is unwanted and annoying.

If there is some way to prevent Listary from opening the file selected, I haven’t found it. Furthermore, the dropdown list it creates often blocks the ends of the filenames in the RH Explorer pane.

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Channing said this option might be available in v4, available April 2012, but so far it does not seem to have been released.



Please download the beta version here: http://www.listary.com/listary4-beta

Then go to Listary Options - By Window Type, choose a window type and uncheck the “Find as you type”.