Detect menu bar items

Hello, it will be awesome if Listary can detect menu bar items in applications.

A very simple example is Notepad. After pressing a configurable keyboard shortcut to activate Listary in this mode, one can (fuzzy) type


and Listary will display the Save As… option from the File menu.

I know there are application-specific keyboard shortcuts for mostly all commands, but it takes a while to memorize these. Everyone knows Ctrl+C etc. but some commands are just difficult to find or the shortcut is 3 or 4 keys.

I had exactly the same idea some time ago, but in the end came to the conclusion that it was not as useful as it seemed. The main reason is that modern applications do not use menubars, or at least they don’t use standard menubars (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Office, Photoshop, and even Windows 8 Explorer). So this feature could only support a very limited number of applications. I think it’s not worth the effort.

Okay, I understand.
Can this feature be implemented with a plugin for Listary?

I haven’t finished designing the plugin interface yet, but this should be possible.

In the meantime, you can take a look at Autohotkey for customizing shortcuts and automizing workflow in general.

Okay, thank you. Looking forward to Listary’s plugin support.

Cool, will check it out. Thanks.