Ctrl-G getting stolen in Emacs

Hi! New to the group. Listary is great!

I’ve got a strange situation. In Emacs, ctrl-g is used to quit any current operation. When I’m running Listary, sometimes ctrl-g works, and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, Emacs doesn’t even recognize any key was pressed, so the keystroke is being completely intercepted.

When this happens, if I exit Listary, the ctrl-g behavior is restored. I have looked at my Listary hotkey configuration, and there’s nothing there that indicates that Ctrl-G should have anything to do with Listary.

For now, I have completely disabled Listary for Emacs, but I’d prefer to have it available.

Any idea why ctrl-g would get intercepted in emacs?

Thanks for your feedback. Normally Listary should not interact with Emacs. I’ll look into this.

You can change Ctrl + G in Listary Options - Menus - Commands (top drop-down menu) - Switch to Last Opened Folder in File Manager (first entry).