Controlling "Recent"

Q1. Is there a way to control “Recent” in a way as to exclude certain drives, or directories with subdirectories from being stored in a list of recent locations? Is there a possibility to explicitly edit the “Recent” list?

Q2. Listary can be used as a portable application. But, there are things from one PC (for instance recent locations) that are making no sense on the other machine. Moreover, that can also be a security issue. Therefore I find that it would be useful to be able to separate a data independent configuration from the data dependent configuration (Recent, and possibly some other elements). In that way a data independent configuration could be saved with the program itself (for instance on a USB stick) and data dependent configuration in some specific folder on PC. There could be an option when starting Listary, which would define where is a data dependent configuration to be found. What are your thoughts?

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Hello Borut,

Thanks for your feedback!

  1. A History tab will be added in Listary Options and you’ll have full control over your recent file/folder records. You will be able to exclude drives, folders and certain file types from being tracked. Sorry that editing won’t be provided at this moment.

  2. Letting user choose whether and where to save/load configuration when run Listary Portable the first time on a computer sounds great! Added to the plan for version 4.1.