Combo key support

Use key combination instead of hotkey might be a better way. As we discussed in , use Ctrl-n,Ctrl-p,Ctrl-f,Ctrl-b to navigate the result, and press enter to trigger the default action. We can expand the way. Ex. use Ctrl-(0-9) to select items and trigger default action directly. Select/Highlight item and press Alt, will trigger the action menu. Or Alt-(0-9) to select items and trigger action menu directly. Etc. Wht do you think?

Another advise is that use the same hotkey which calls listary to disapear it instead of ESC. And if listary can remember the latest inputs, it may be more convenient.

I’ve considered this before, but there was a big problem: Listary itself doesn’t handle keyboard events, instead, it monitors the application it attaches to. For example, if you type “doc” in Windows Explorer, Listary will capture them and prevent them from being processed by Explorer. Unfortunately key combinations are handled in a quite different way, and Listary cannot do the same thing.