Checkbox in 'Search' options: Force => Limit search to rootfolder and listaryhook.dll

  1. Is it possible to have a checkbox in the options screen under
    “Search” that gives the user the option to limit all search actions
    to the rootfolder. This would exclude:

    • All other drives
    • All other rootfolders

    Example: d:\music\qyz123\test => user types a search: “title.mp3”,
    it would limit search to “d:\music” d:\projects\nmmed123\aa => user
    types a search: “project_mister_x” it would limit search within


    Maybe even add keyword kind of system that would additionally give
    the option to quickly limit to current folder (in stead of
    rootfolder). Te elaborate: User types a dot directly followed by a
    keyword. Example: user is in folder “d:\projects\project_x” user
    types: .test it would get all files/folders from current folder. (in
    stead of dot, another symbol could be used this was just an

  2. Is it possible to improve the unlocking of the ‘listrayhook.dll’ when
    exiting Listary. Today I found out that the listaryhoook.dll was
    locked by the ‘Windows System Assesment’-tool
    Windows System Assessment Tool - Wikipedia. I
    always have problems with locked ‘Listaryhook.dll’ when exiting.
    (using listary portable). This second issue could be skipped if this
    seems to happens in a few isolated cases, but if there are many
    others that have this problem I would really appreciate a better way
    of unlocking the .dll (if it is technically possible off course).

EDIT: Sorry for the layout, there are 2 points. But they seem to be numbered both as ‘1’ and the the ‘example’ block in point ‘1’ was not meant to be marked up like that.

Take a look at Projects: Listary – Free File Search Tool & App Launcher

After adding d:\music as a project music (just navigate to d:\music, and type “proj”), you can type music title.mp3 to search only in d:\music regardless of the current folder location.

Also check Search Filters: Listary – Free File Search Tool & App Launcher

Search results from the current folder are always listed above other results. I think there is no need to add an extra keyword for this.

Unfortunately this is determined by Windows. There isn’t much I can do here.

Ok, thank you for the feedback.