Change hotkey logic

As we all know that in the latest beat version of listary, we have 2 different hotkey to determine which toolbar we are about to open - launch apps or normal toolbar.

When you are in an app (anywhere but desktop), and you using the normal toolbar hotkey, it tend to open the launch apps bar instead. Which makes it really uncomfortable to use, if I want to open an app, I can use the launch apps hotkey, but when I want to open an folder, I have to scroll down forever to reach the actually path I wanna go.

Maybe that’s a bug or something? Please consider change that

This behaviour will be refined in Listary 5 (Listary 5 is still being designed and it will really take some time). Listary will not search files if it’s not in an app unless you type a leading space.

That would be lovely. But I don’t quite get you. You mean listary won’t search file if you are not in an app, like desktop? And if it’s in an app, it would be searching files then?

How about that, I’m on desktop now, and I want to open a folder, so I should be type a leading space? Or I’m in an app, and I just wanna to open another app?

We all are aware of that listary does provided 2 different hotkey to open it’s default panel or launch apps panel. So in the first situation, I could just open the defult panel (which does search things, but apps), and in the other situation, I could just open the launch apps panel (which search apps, but fires). But now, if you’re in an app, whether you used the launch apps hotkey or not (means the other hotkey), listary tend to open the same panel - launch apps panel. But on desktop, it does really good, two hotkeys open two different panels.That’s what I was trying to say…

I’m sorry I got it wrong before. If your normal toolbar hotkey defaults to Launch Apps when you press it in an app, all you need to do is pressing it again. Listary will remember your last choice when you use it the next time.

Oh, yeah, that totally works!

Thanks! :smile: