Cannot update to PRO

I cannot update to Pro version. When I try to input my name and email, the Listary got no response and I have to kill the programe in my task manager.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Which version of Listary are you using? Please try the latest version (4.01.1175) here.

yes, i am using this version. But still have problems.

I’ll look into it. Could you please try to type your name and email somewhere else and then copy&paste them to Listary?

I tried to copy&paste, but only can paste one of the name or email, then the programe died again.

This is really weird. Are you running any text expander / snippets tool / clipboard tool / AHK scripts in background?

solved, I tried to close some background programe, I don’t know which one cause the conflict. they are: onenote, everything,youdao(a dictionary software), logi setpoint,rainlendar.
I guess maybe the dictionary software caused the problem.

Thanks for the information. I’ll try them one by one to fix the bug.

I tried again, the archcriminal is youdao, a Chinese-English translator, you may download the software here:
it cause problems when I try to input in any textbox.

I’m reviving this topic because i’m experiencing a similar problem - unable to upgrade to pro. I normally use Clipmate, WindowPad, and Autohotkey (AHK) but all are off. I am able to cut and paste into notepad and notepad++ but not into Listary.

Since Listary seems to conflict with programs and you probably don’t want to chase these down, may I suggest being able to load the registration key from a text file? I’ve seen this done in other programs.


Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve added “loading license from file” to my to-do.