Can we have a new beta to test?

It’s been a while since the first and only beta was released for testing, so I’m curious to know if we can expect another anytime soon? Is there any new features in the pipeline that could be tested with a new release?

+1 for that… You’ve said you want to return to the old (beta) release cycle, every 2-3 days a new minor version, but the it’s nearly 3 weeks now :wink: Even if minor things are implemented, like the … to go up one level in XYplorer, I really like to test these things…

I’m still busy working on a new major feature, please just give me a few more days :slight_smile:

I’m happy to take the new ones as and when they arrive. Nod

Theres no points in publishing another beta until all (or most) bugs are fixed.
If Channing published another beta, he will receive a lot of messages like “why the bug I reported a month ago isn’t fixed yet?” which will give him a lot of additional work when trying to respond to all posts.