Can we expect theme support in next build?

I dont like the metro look of listary as i dont have windows 8. One more problem is using the backspace in folderview takes the foler up one level. but i want to delete letters. Thanks again for the awesome software

Theme support will be added soon, but you can only change the color scheme, it would still be metro-style.

Backspace should delete letters. This seems to be a bug. Are you using some Windows Explorer extensions like QTTabBar?

It would be enough for me to be able to change the color scheme. And yes I do use qttab bar. So i guess I have to fix it on my end. Thanx 4 replying

It does work if you click with your mouse pointer on any place of the word you typed into listary. Then you are able to delete a letter or more.

If you activate Listary using hotkey, backspace should work.