Better management of projects

Hey Channing,

There has been some discussion over at DonationCoder regarding the Projects feature of Listary.

I have discovered that I can add multiple folders with the same keyword. But as the list grows (I now have around 20 entries) it is becoming rather difficult to manage or even see at a glance what keywords are defined and which folders they reference.

Do you have any plans to enhance the functionality of the UI to better manage projects?

For example…

  • Sorting by any column header?
  • Reordering the list by hand (drag and drop)?
  • Tree structure to collapse all folders with same keyword?

Current way: “One row for one path then group multiple path/row with the same keyword” is not intuitive and difficult to maintain as the list of projects grows.

May I suggest: the Path field be inputed as a single semi-colon delimited string of paths. Because Listary Option form is not sizable and thus has very limited width for the path field display, it won’t fit the display of long path name or a semi-colon delimited paths string as I have suggested, so may be a mouse-hove-over tips is a good mean to display it fully.

Thank you very much for your suggestions!


Sorting by any column header?

This will definitely be added.

Reordering the list by hand (drag and drop)?

In the next major version Projects search results will be sorted by relevance to your search term and frequency of use, so reordering projects manually may not be necessary.

Tree structure to collapse all folders with same keyword?

Sounds pretty cool! However I need to consider about the extra complexity this feature will bring.


The preferred way to add a project is to type “proj keyword” directly in that folder as mentioned in this video. Using the Options dialog is not encouraged. I’m sorry that I won’t add this.

P.S. Listary Options will be resizable soon.

Great news. Thanks for being so open to user feedback.

However, one can’t avoid dealing with “project” in the Options dialog because that is the only place to change existing project definitions, right?

My suggestion of multiple path input with a semi-colon delimited string has 2 advantages:

  1. It make it possible to list all projects on a one row per project manner.

  2. It is much easier/simpler if you need to change a keyword.

Imagine this case:
I have N different paths all being assigned a keyword “ttlCm”, if one day I want to change the keywords to “tc”, using current Listary way, I have to make N times change of keywords, if it is my way, I only need to change it once.


IMHO, unless one don’t use Listary project feature at all, otherwise the simplicity in maintaining multiple-paths per keyword is crucial.

One more thought…

Could you add a filetype filter to project search?

eg. In my music project I only want to see results with extensions .mp3 .pls or .m3u

Again maybe these should be specified as a semi-colon separated list?


Projects with the same keyword will definitely be organized into groups for easy editing in some way.


Yes. Filter support is already on my to-do list.

Yes Ampa, great idea!

It will be better still if a project can be assigned one of more file masks for filtering purpose. I mean something likegeorge*.mp3; album*.jpg etc.