Application/Window Switching?


I’m just trying Listary and I think is great but what I’m missing and what I’m really looking for is application switching. My problem is when I enter an application name it opens a new instance instead of switching to the one already open. I’m looking something like Alfred does in MacOS

Is this available? Will be? Plug In?


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Hi, it will be available as an official extension very soon.


Just curious: why not using ALT + Tab? It’s quite handy from my point of view.

When you have more than 10 windows open ALT + Tab is not the ideal thing, but using something like a smart switcher is like doing ALT + Space + Name of the window (fuzzy finder)

Try this one in windows is free

Also there is one of the best apps in MacOS that does it out of the box, search for Alfred.

This would be a really great feature on Listary, and I wouldn’t hesitate on going Pro.

Any update on this? Thanks!

Sorry that I haven’t got much time to work on Listary recently. This feature hasn’t been implemented yet.