Always open new window

Is it possible to make Listary always open new window of Directory Opus or Explorer when choosing favorite item from menu? Of course in open/save-as dialog this is best behavior, but when browsing - always open new window.

Only as an option please, I like the current behavior.

The toolbar of Listary 4 will have two modes:

  1. Attached to a (file manager/dialog) window. The behavior is the same as the current version: folders will be opened in current window.
  2. Not attached to any window. The toolbar will be shown in the middle of your screen, and folders will be opened in new instances of your specified file manager.

Listary will always try to show the toolbar in mode 1 unless the current window is not supported. Manually switching between these two modes is fairly simple: you just need to press Shift key once. For example, the active window is DOpus now, if you press Win + W, everything is the same as the current version 3.xx. Now you hit Shift key, the toolbar will jump to the middle of your screen and you can open folders in new windows. If you hit Shift again, the toolbar will jump back to DOpus.

The only problem here is I don’t know if I can finish it before the deadline…