After typing the name, provide shortcut/option to locate instead open

Listary has long been known as a very useful software.

With the new version, Listary can integrate itself with file managers. When we start typing, Listary will prompt its recommendations. The default option is to open it. Is there anyway to locate the item in the file manager instead of open it?

Listary can locate a file/folder which is directly in the current folder (not within a subfolder). For other paths, this is not supported.

Thank you very much for your time and helpful comments!

I didn’t explain myself well. What you describe is true in Explorer, but not in Directory Opus. That is to say, the selection within the file manager will not be synchronous with the typing (which is intercepted by Listary). Could you help to comment?

Please update to the latest version of Directory Opus.

I was stumped by this for a while myself before noticing that you use the Right Arrow key to locate rather than open !