Add program parameter


How do I add a parameter in to a favorite application? To start the Thunderbird addressbook one needs to fire off this command: thunderbird.exe -addressbook

However it doesn’t seem to do anything. Not open the addressbook or Thunderbird for that matter.


See this thread:

I have read that thread before posting and I think having both a working directory option and the possibility to add parameters built-in would be awesome. I am currently running AHK (Favmenu) but wanted to switch to a more recent/updated project and hoped not to have to use bandaids to get things working. The developer seems to be active so I have high hopes for future releases :wink:

Hello RolandD,

The favorite file feature was designed to help you open a document file (e.g. abc.docx) quickly in open/save file dialogs, so it doesn’t support launching applications well. I’ll make it easy to launch apps (with parameters support) in the next version.

@Channing: I see why now. Documents do indeed open fine. Looking forward to the next version.

I’d rather have a program that does what it does very well then a program with a mish mash of features and not particularly being good at anything.

There are allready quite a bit of application launchers out there.

We see too often that what started out as a very good application will drown in an attempt to put too many features in it.

@tourmaline: I agree that feature creep is a problem of most programs, we can probably do with half of Windows/Linux/Mac :wink:

Yes, there are a bunch of app launchers out there but Listary already supports launching documents, so I think launching programs is not a far off from what it is already doing. If development of Listary would stop, it will turn out that I need a myriad of programs. Listary for launching file browsing, a launcher for apps, a launcher for browsers. In this case I don’t see it as one-too-many feature but rather a fuller feature if Listary can launch more than just documents.