Add "Open file location" option to Actions menu

It could also replace the current “Open Folder” option.

I made a quick video showing Windows behavior vs Listary behavior. The Windows behavior is what I hope to see in Listary some day. Thanks!!!

^ Sorry I had to blur out some work stuff :smile:

If this feature already exists let me know ;n;

Have a look at this:

If you search for a file or application and found it, just make it active and right mouse click. Now you’ll get the context menu if you scroll down a bit!

Open file location is there!

Thanks for the suggestion. Opening the parent folder with the target file selected is already on my to-do :smile:

Thx :3

@tourmaline I don’t see that option. I notice your screenshot has that option under Contextmenu. So maybe you have 3rd party software that does that?

Yes, could be.