About How Listary Open.lnk of Shortcut to Folder

I guess most of us are using customized File Manager, now the problem is even I registered open folder with FreeCommander, for Listary, it will still open .lnk file which link to a folder with windows explorer, is there any configuration I can fix it?

If you open the .lnk out of Listary (e.g. from your desktop), does Windows open the target folder in FreeCommander automatically?

When I double click it it will open with FreeCommander, if I click context menu with “open”, it will open with windows explorer.

I guess I find the problem, my approach of replace file manager for folder only works for double-click (my approach is add a FreeCommander context menu item and make it the default command). after I replace “open” context menu item to FreeCommander, it works.

Thanks for your quick reply.