Ability to select a different color?

Nothing against the Burnt Orange color, but it would be great to be able to use the standard Windows color picker dialog to choose our own color, to match personal Windows color schemes, etc. It’s clashing rather brutally with my elegant, dark colored theme right now. :smiley:

Skin support will be added in version 4.10.

You told the skin support would be added in 4.10. You repeated it again one moment later.

I was waiting these years. Now we are already on 4.20, and I still see no skin support. I would like to pay more, if Listary get skin/theme support. The colors conflict with my setup, years long.

There will be theme support, I promise :smile:

I believe that, but the question here is if you have any date in thoughts? I’m still waiting for this to get upgraded to Listary Pro.

It’s not the meaning that theme support will be added eventually in 9.10 or something. :wink:

There is no ETA, but I’ll implement it ASAP.

After a long waiting… I still no see any ability to select a color or a theme… :frowning: