3 easy UI improvements

  1. Add tooltip descriptions to buttons
  2. Filenames wider than listary window should appear as tooltips on hover, otherwise it becomes impossible to distinguish long versioned filenames from one another.
  3. Custom window width

Thank you very much for the suggestions!

I’ve added #2 to my to-do.

For #3, you can open Listary Options - Appearance, and then set “Width”.

I thought I had looked for the customizable width and didn’t see it. My bad.
So you don’t think the buttons should have a tooltip explaining what they do? (#1)

Many users tend to customize these buttons in Options - Menus - Toolbar. Adding tooltips will only work for the 3 default ones.

Channing: one relatively easy way around this is to add a tool-tip field in the customize area, where the user can optionally add their own tool-tip to each icon they customize. The strings they add can be saved in the usual customization saving areas (i.e. Preferences.json).

add 2) I suggested it here: File size and date