2x Ctrl


I have realize that “Lookeen” (https://lookeen.com/index.html) use the same shortcut to open a search.

It is possible that user can change the double-Ctrl in Listary in a other double tapped key (for example 2x Alt)

I like to can use this function for both applications.


Thanks for the feedback. It has been added to the plan.

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Awesome, thank you Channing!
I’ve been playing with the beta and really enjoying it. And while I really like the 2x Ctrl shortcut, I’ve found it interferes with too many of my programs and games.
I would love the option to manually change the key to something I use infrequently. e.g WinKey

I’ve disabled the Win-X Hotkeys/Start Menu activation on my system and replaced the WinKey comobinations with my own scripts. The Windows key makes for a superb additional modifier! :blush:

Thanks again for the awesome updates!