Support searching in currently running apps (apps displayed in alt+tab)


easily access running apps via listary

  • currently listary only allows to launch new instances of Apps. I also want listary to allow me to bring any of my several chrome instances in the foreground, or my outlook app or any other work-related app that are already started/running.

We can use listary to not only replace windows search bar but also windows alt+tab / win+tab window!

here’s a similar app that does this feature:
The above haven’t been updated much so in my opinion this also fits very well as a new feature for listary!


Thank you for your feedback. This may be added as an extension of Listary in the future, but currently there is no ETA yet.


sure do letme know if you need more info on this feature request!


I support this request :slight_smile:


Can’t wait until extensions supported!!